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Trapeze (Air Jordan) is Nike’s most famous in the history of the NBA star Michael Jordan (Mickael Jordan) named series. Spring contained in this 20 years, Jordan has experienced two back and three retired; 20 contained in the Spring and Autumn, the trapeze (Air Jordan) series has gone through countless storms. For the years in this particular can give the flying trapeze (Air Jordan) series for a small summary, Nike (Nike) in 2005 launched a special trapeze (Air Jordan), paragraph 20, series of basketball shoes: Air Jordan XX . Although the Air Jordan XX shape some seem strange, but it is undeniable, Air Jordan XX possess significance, but it is the other shoe never be comparisons.

Now, Air Jordan XX shoe for most fans, is no longer a surprising thing. But the Air Jordan XX launched in 2005 with the meaning, but not what we should be forgotten. For us, the Air Jordan XX shoe pattern is an add-on in the history of the language, revealed that 20 contained in the previous storm, documented, but it is Jordan, and flying trapeze (Air Jordan) series in the past 20 Upload glory.

With the basketball star Michael Jordan (Jordan) success to his name Air Jordan basketball shoes has become a myth. Following the launch of the Christmas 2009 when the Air Jordan XI Retro Space Jam triggered a buying frenzy, Air Jordan XI gray classic yet perfect present.

Nike “trapeze 9″ White / Black – True Red new listing (Air Jordan 9 White / Black-True Red), North American time March 15 Nisshin debut! The launch of the “trapeze 9″ is new in January 2002 the “trapeze 9″ completely nostalgic version, use of color, and in 2002 the same as the original

White, black and red classic really strong contrast, have some cool suffocation!

Today, when you want to go when trying to understand some of Jordan and trapeze (Air Jordan) series of related things by Nike Air Jordan XX, please do not forget at the same time the presence of Nike Air Jordan X – Yes, and compared to Nike Air Jordan XX, Nike Air Jordan X does not really nothing new and high-tech products, but with respect to the Nike Air Jordan XX Laser laser engraving technology and rely on the help IPS cushioning system recorded history speaking, Nike Air Jordan X in their sole text to record the first half of Jordan’s brilliant career and the way the story was more likely to seem exciting, because for more people like Michael Jordan, Nike Air Jordan X by recorded in the glory days really worth people to thin aftertaste, but it is precisely because of this, so Nike Air Jordan X at those who truly respect in the eyes of history, will look precious.